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Personal Injury

Whether you were hurt in an auto accident, permanently injured on the job, slipped and fell on someone else’s property, or suffered severe injuries in another type of incident caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, you need the help of an aggressive and committed law firm.

The Houston personal injury attorneys at The Chiles Law Firm are trial attorneys with extensive experience in handling complex civil litigation. We represent injury victims like you, and we do not back down until we reach a fair resolution, even if that means taking your case all the way through jury trial.

The Chiles Law Firm offers a wide range of personal injury services including:

We can help to make sure you get the proper medical assistance, legal counsel and representation. Let us work with your case in making sure you are properly represented and treated right. In evaluating any personal injury case, the two major issues of concern are liability and causation. That is, is the defendant responsible or liable for the injuries to the victim? And if so, did the injuries sustained by the victim arise from the acts of the defendant? Or to put it another way, were the injuries suffered by the victim caused by the negligent acts of the defendant?

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