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Though Attorney Chiles is the descendant of a distinguished family of accomplished Doctors, Lawyers, and Educators, including his Great, and great-uncle, Attorney James Alexander Chiles, a University of Michigan School of Law graduate in 1889, was the first African American Lawyer to argue before the United States Supreme Court in Chiles vs.

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John R. Chiles IV, Esq.

Attorney John Chiles, a distinguished lawyer and educator, hails from a family renowned for their contributions in medicine, law, and education. Among his notable ancestors is his great-great-uncle, Attorney James Alexander Chiles, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Law in 1889 and the first African American lawyer to argue before the United States Supreme Court in the case of Chiles vs. Chesapeake & Potomac Railroad in 1910.

John Chiles completed his high school education at John Marshall High School in Richmond, Virginia, before earning a B.A. in Public Administration from Norfolk State University in 1984. Before pursuing a legal career, he gained valuable management experience working with People Express and Continental Airlines.

He later moved to Houston, Texas, where he attended Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, earning his law degree in 1991. Mr. Chiles is licensed to practice law in Texas, including the Federal District, Appeals, and the Texas Supreme Court.

In addition to his legal practice, Attorney Chiles is an adjunct professor of African American and Africana Studies at the University of Houston. He also teaches in Ghana, West Africa, during the summer. His expertise has led him to lecture in Egypt, Amsterdam, Paris, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and Ghana. He serves as General Counsel for several film production companies in Los Angeles and Atlanta and has successfully negotiated numerous production and distribution deals in the film and music industries, both domestically and internationally.

Tonja Jackson, Vice President

Tonja Jackson is a highly skilled process-driven professional with over 35 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies. She is a flexible leader with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to breakdown cross-cultural communication barriers while working with people from around the globe. She clearly understands the financial outlook of the business and the formula for success. Tonja is skilled at strategically identifying, developing, and managing solutions that support global business strategies and she welcomes the challenge of turning complex projects into manageable business solutions.

Tonja has traveled to numerous African countries to provide resources and support including Liberia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zanzabar, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

Fun Fact: Tonja loves to assist others in building successful businesses.

Cheryl Shanks, Senior Paralegal

Over 25 years of experience in legal and education administration.

Fun fact: Cheryl enjoys time as a Life Coach to new business owners.

Kenneth Simmons, Senior Investigator

Over 35 years of law enforcement/investigation experience. Texas Master Peace Officer and Licensed Private Investigator. Certified in Mediation and Arbitration. Masters Degree in Administration of Justice.

Fun Fact: Enjoys all genre’s of music, movies, concerts, comedy, plays, quality time with family and friends.



30 Years Of Experience in Various Cases

At THE CHILES LAW FIRM, we bring 30 years of unparalleled expertise to every case. Our seasoned attorneys have successfully navigated a diverse range of legal challenges, providing dedicated and strategic representation. Trust THE CHILES LAW FIRM for comprehensive legal solutions built on decades of proven experience and a commitment to excellence.

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Obtain relevant documents, interview witnesses, and gather supporting data.

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Advocate client's position, negotiate settlements, and achieve favorable legal outcomes.